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How to Use PayHelm to Steer Your Ecommerce Success

Now more than ever, being intelligent about your ecommerce business means getting up close and personal with business intelligence. Business intelligence (BI for short) leverages software and services to transform your data into actionable insights, i.e., the info you need to succeed. Nobody does that better than PayHelm. Why? Two words: Totally customizable. If you […]

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How to Add Sales Tax Functionality to Your BigCommerce Store

So you’ve stocked your virtual BigCommerce store shelves with products to sell…set up your shipping methods and services…and configured payments. And you’ve just realized that you need to collect sales tax on purchases made from your online store.Now what? How do you set it up so that taxes are automatically calculated for your customers at […]

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Why It Pays to Get Pushy with Your Marketing — and How

When it comes to customer engagement and building your brand, it literally pays to be pushy. That’s because whether you’re nurturing leads, wooing previous customers, or reaching out to your most loyal fans, the most effective way to build connection is through communication. Not too long ago, that meant email. But right now, the newest […]

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Smile, You’ve Got Big Data: Why You Need Business Intelligence

When it comes to ecommerce, retail savvy is no longer enough. You also need business intelligence (BI for short). Basically, BI takes all of the raw data generated by your ecommerce enterprise, analyzes and digests it, then spits out the information you need to make better, more informed decisions about marketing, sales, and other aspects […]

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Why Repeat Customers Are the Lifeblood of Your Ecommerce Business (And How to Woo Them)

Smart retailers both online and off value one kind of customer above all others: repeat buyers. Why? Because the most profitable customers are those you already have, so it pays to keep them coming back. The average ecommerce storeowner spends more than 80% of their marketing budget on customer acquisition. Yet an Adobe Digital Index […]

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Why Your Ecommerce Store Desperately Needs a Backup Strategy

The 2020 Ecommerce Data Protection Report says one of four online stores have permanently lost vital business data. Think images, product listings, customer information, inventory counts and much more. All this information helps an ecommerce entrepreneur drive and grow their business. Without it, you are operating blind. And trying to restore it involves more than […]

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5 Ways to Screw Up Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce has come a long way from the early days of eBayers mailing Beanie Babies across the country in old cereal boxes. Online sales now account for more than 75% of all retail growth worldwide; in fact, global ecommerce sales are predicted to grow by an incredible 19% this year alone. That’s a projected total […]