Custom Reports

Get a solution that’s flexible and scalable enough to meet your needs, with powerful custom reporting capabilities, enterprise analytics applications and more.

  • Connect and transform the data sources you need to report across your business, with pre-built data connectors, custom integrations and data table uploads

  • Build custom reports and dashboards, powered by Mode, to solve your most complex analytics questions

  • Use filters and parameters to drill down into your data

  • Easily deliver custom reports across your entire organization through the PayHelm app, or build your own enterprise analytics application

The data and insights you need.

Connect the data sources and build the visualizations you need to make sense of your data – from deep customer analysis to revenue reporting and beyond.

PayHelm custom reporting capabilities help you go from data to insight, so teams across your organization can make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive growth.

Reporting and analytics, built to fit your business.

Business intelligence isn’t one-size-fits-all. Build the unique reports and dashboards you need to grow your business with PayHelm all-in-one data pipeline, data warehouse and business intelligence solution.

Get report-ready data automatically from all of your connected sources, no manual preparation required. Then, build custom reports in SQL, Python or R, and easily provide access across your organization through the PayHelm app or your own enterprise analytics app.

No analysts? No problem. Our in-house data science team will help you build reports.

You get the exact reports and dashboards you need, delivered where you need them – faster.

Powerful business intelligence for everyone, not just for analysts.

PayHelm makes it easy for everyone in your organization to access the data they need – whether or not they have technical analytics experience.

From out-of-the-box KPIs for marketers and merchandisers to custom querying and reporting capabilities for analysts and data scientists, empower everyone on your team with data and insights to drive smart decision-making.

Learn why PayHelm is the best ecommerce analytics tool to get the solutions you need.

From organizing customer data into 30+ pre-built customer segments for informed decision-making, to important data about products, customers, inventory, channels, and campaigns, we have the best ecommerce analytics on the planet.

Our integrations with Google Analytics and 180 other applications enables you to track your customer journeys, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, optimize pricing, and learn what makes your business tick.

Don’t like the way we’ve laid out our reports? PayHelm Pro also allows you to create customized ecommerce dashboards that provide personalized views about how your online store is performing. Need custom reporting? PayHelm Plus extends custom reporting functionality to every integration we support!

Book a demo to learn how our ecommerce analytics can help you gather relevant data, make informed decisions, and increase your profitability.