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PayHelm is a fantastic app and the customer service is even better. BC is great for our website, but not robust with their financial reporting. With PayHelm I can dig down levels and levels to target sales. I can find and save every report I need. SO glad BC recommended it!

My Favorite App for our store.

June, 1 2022

The app is really streamlined and has tons of analytics options, but the customer service is an absolute standout! Andrew was so helpful and he actually customized the app to do what I needed.

Paleontological Research Institution, United States

Time spent using app: About 1 hour

We saw a lot of potential in this app so we added to our store, installation was a breeze. Andrew reached out to us right away for our feedback, so we gave him a list of requests. He and his team has been plugging away, adding each feature we requested! He's very responsive and was willing to begin implementing our requests before we ever paid him a dime! We're excited to see what this product develops into - so far it has given us much better insight into our sales data than the analytics provided by BigCommerce. And all with real-time data, too!

Excellent service!

May, 19 2020

Andrew and his team are masterful at what they do, and lead the way in Customer Service, which is SO difficult to find these days! The team truly cares about your reporting needs and has been able to provide us with ALL the reporting that BigCommerce so desperately lacks. In fact, PayHelm is the only reason we've decided to stay with BigCommerce. PayHelm is not only worth the download for your shop, they are also worth the package price you're debating. We went all out and haven't regretted our partnership with PayHelm at all. Here's the future, PayHelm and Team! Thank you for all you do!

Customer Service like no other

January, 31 2020



November, 1 2020

I am constantly looking for tools to simplify my business workflows, measure performance accurately, and provide valuable insights to manage my business effectively. That's why I was thrilled when I discovered the remarkable Shopify App that has revolutionized how I operate my online store. This app is a game-changer!

Tag4MyPet, Canada

June, 15 2023

THIS APP IS EVERYTHING! Seriously! It offers all of what I need and more.... Super easy interface. Fast responses from support. By far the best integration for me and my business! Thank you.

Ma'at Luxe™, United States

Time spent using app: Over 1 year


Great app. I especially want to say thanks to the support team, who almost immediately answered me and helped with all my questions!

Heyday, United States

Time spent using app: Over 1 year

Excellent app. Good service and reliability. This thing has saved us about 2-3 hours per week in manual reporting.

Excellent app

May, 21 2021

Perfect customer service - had a problem and in just 1-2 days it was taken care off. Really amazing. It's also a great program. Can recommend!

Nightmaker, Austria

Time spent using app: About 2 years

The best accounting app I've used by far! I'm very impressed with the accuracy of numbers (total,sales,etc).. Very simple to use!

Colour Drama Boutique, United States

Time spent using app: About 1 month

This is a very promising app. Hope BC's Analytics is that good. We mainly use them for customers analysis. Also the dash board is really good. Service and support from Andrew and the team are great! They will actually listen to you and make change to their software within days!!! Thanks!

Very promising app

December, 18 2020

PayHelm is fantastic. The data is all there and filtering, sorting is a breeze. It connects with your BC world without any additional programming (or worry). Just sign up, let it crunch for a minute - and welcome to a very comprehensive dashboard. Within the first hour I found relationships between data points that I had previously overlooked which will help our team make future product decisions. Or in other cases; just being able to quickly check on accounts, profits, etc. Honestly, I've struggled exporting data from BC and making my own pivot tables. I've used Tableau, created data-lakes and hired a programer. Payhelm seems to be answering my questions plug-and play. Customer Service is top-notch - all my questions and tweaking are getting answered super fast. Super product. I wish I found it last year.

Business Intelligence - a must have

November, 10 2020

From the beginning, Andrew has been there to support their product. The custom report they created for me saves me a ton of time and every little detail that would come up, he would be on top of it. Also just to see if they were able to help me on some code problems they also found the solution for that too and super fast as well. You would not go wrong with this app. If you need specific information out of your data this is the people you need to talk to.

Out of this wolrd service!!!

March, 5 2020

PayHelm is a fantastic addition to BigCommerce. I dare say that the BC built in reporting component is so weak that I would not want to operate without this essential app. I am torn between wishing that Big Commerce would PURCHASE the company and integrate it for everyone vs. wishing that PayHelm could stay independent, nimble and hungry. Their features provide essential reporting tools with a level of flexibility that is appropriate for anything from a mom and pop to a large enterprise. The tools and reports are intuitive and well-designed. I consider myself very hard to please and PayHelm hits it out of the park every time. I would be happy to serve as a reference if you are wondering about choosing this app.

A Fantastic Addition

January, 11 2022



October, 25 2021

5 Stars because of the amazing response and support. Andrew in particular listened and implemented some of my suggestions, what more could you ask for. This app is well worth checking out.

The Merch Club, Canada

Time spent using app: 21 minutes