Daily Snapshot

Get an automated report with the previous day’s KPIs sent straight to your inbox every morning, making it easy to stay on top of performance from anywhere.

  • Get an automated report with the previous day’s KPIs sent straight to your inbox, every morning

  • Easily see how key metrics are changing daily and weekly with built-in benchmarks and period-over-period comparisons

  • Understand how your business is performing with top-line KPIs like revenue, orders, gross profit and gross margin

  • Identify opportunities for growth, faster with metrics like daily site visits, conversion rate, average order value, top marketing channel, top selling product and more

Daily KPIs, sent straight to your inbox.

PayHelm Daily Snapshot is an automated daily performance report sent to your email every morning. See financial KPIs, marketing channel performance, customer acquisition and more, without leaving your inbox.

All your daily performance KPIs, in one place.

Keep a finger on the daily pulse of your business, without having to build complex reports or log into multiple apps. PayHelm Daily Snapshot gives you an automated overview of daily performance metrics, sent straight to your email – no set-up required.

Stay on top of important KPIs like revenue, orders and profit. Identify opportunities, from a hot product to a surge in new customers, faster.

Troubleshoot problems, like a spike in returns or a dip in conversion, earlier. And get the context you need to understand your data, like week-over-week and same-day average benchmarks.

Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs

Daily performance KPIs



Average order value

Gross profit

Gross margin

Website visits

Conversion rate

New customers

Repeat customers

Conversion rate

Quantity refunded

Ad spend

Top marketing channel
Top-selling product
Largest order

Automated daily performance reports, out-of-the-box.

Get powerful daily performance KPIs sent to your entire team or organization automatically,  without configuring  data or building a single report.

Just connect your data sources, and you’ll receive your first Daily Snapshot the next morning (and every one after that).

Learn why PayHelm is the best ecommerce analytics tool to get the solutions you need.

From organizing customer data into 30+ pre-built customer segments for informed decision-making, to important data about products, customers, inventory, channels, and campaigns, we have the best ecommerce analytics on the planet.

Our integrations with Google Analytics and 180 other applications enables you to track your customer journeys, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, optimize pricing, and learn what makes your business tick.

Don’t like the way we’ve laid out our reports? PayHelm Pro also allows you to create customized ecommerce dashboards that provide personalized views about how your online store is performing. Need custom reporting? PayHelm Plus extends custom reporting functionality to every integration we support!

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