Get data-driven insights that drive growth.

PayHelm enables powerful ecommerce and multichannel reporting for everyone in your organization – from pre-built performance dashboards to custom enterprise reports.  Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports for BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce that integrates with hundreds of sources of data.

Powerful metrics

Access over 300 different types of metrics & filters including Total Revenue, Net Sales, Total Refunds, Shipping Cost, Product Cost, Net Profit, COGS, Items Sold, Sales by Sales Rep, Total Shipping, Total Taxes and many more.

Get customer insights

See customer LTV, last purchase date, or see which products they purchase most often.  Group your customers into Customer Groups and analyze your top buyers easily across all your products, SKUs, Variants or Brands.  Know the top or bottom performers for each customer or customer group.

Analyze your cart conversion & traffic

PayHelm helps you analyze your store traffic so you can boost cart conversion and grow your sales.  See which visitors are turning into customers and analyze your inventory, SKUs, and line item level checkout data.  Know which utm_source, utm_medium, or utm_campaign converts best on your site.  Create daily traffic reports and share them with your team or on Google Drive.

Tax reports made easy out-of-the-box

Analyze the taxes you collect by country, state/province, or county.  Export your total taxes by SKU, product, customer or many business aspects.  Keep track of shipping tax vs. product sales tax and take into account taxes that were refunded.  Setup automated reports and receive those monthly, quarterly, or as you wish.

Sales Team reporting

Keep track of all your sales rep performance as a whole or at any order or line item level reporting.  Know which products your sales team sells the most, their Net Sales, refund rate, or avg. fulfillment time.  Dig into which geographics they are selling into or how they are performing this week vs. last week.  Receive daily bling emails in your inbox to report on their performance.  Upload a monthly sales report to Google Looker and keep a Dashboard with their performance front-and-center.  Measure your team and keep an honest view on everyone’s performance that everyone can buy into.

Inventory, SKU, & Brand Reports

Analyze your inventory across many stores to see your top & bottom products.  Know which SKUs have sold the most items and which products or SKUs are purchased together.  Analyze your brands to create revenue share reports with your supplies.  Know which products have the highgest gross margin % and only sell your most profitable products.  Continually improve product sourcing and costs by importing or connecting drop shipping information.  Customize the metrics for your product report and see Net Sales, Refunds, Taxes, Shipping cost and many more.

Marketing Campaign Reports

Measure your marketing campaigns across all of your direct, organic, or paid advertising sources.  Know your profit for leads from Facebook or understand which Instagram campaign sold how many bundled products.  Measure campaign to coupon usage rates to know how many coupon sales were generated by each marketing campaign.  Compare your Google Ads to your Instagram conversions and understand ROAS.  Export your customers from your YouTube campaigns to Klaviyo so you can create performant email marketing nurturing campaigns.

Integrate your store data & unlock your information

We support integrations from leading companies such as ShipStation, Slack, Amazon, Stripe, Mailchimp, Salesforce, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Facebook, Braintree, or Quickbooks just to name a few.  We will work with you to ensure we connect your data to these sources or destinations as you need.  We’ll be your data engineering team and help you access the insight needed or streamline your data flow between sources & destinations of information.

Brand Analytics & Reporting

Analyze your brands across channels including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooC, Amazon, Etsy and more.  Know which brands are profitable and performing well.  Compare changes in brand mix over time and between sales reps.  Generate payout reports for your brand resales and know you are saving money on each report.  Standardize your brand reporting and setup monthly reports you can email to your team or receive on Google Sheets.

Payout reports

Export your payout information and correlate payouts to line items, SKUs, products, customers and much more.  Easily see your order information and receive daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports in CSV or Google Sheet format.