Scheduled Reports

Save time with scheduled reports. Add any metric or visualization and automate delivery daily, weekly or monthly. View on-screen, offline or in your inbox.

  • Filter and segment your data to build the exact reports you need, using any metrics, visualizations or tables in PayHelm

  • Group your data by day, week, or month, and make easy period-over-period comparisons

  • Surface the most important insights for every department, with unlimited reports for sales, marketing, customers, products, inventory and more

  • Send one-time reports now or schedule delivery later, to any email address

  • Easily send daily KPIs, weekly updates and monthly overviews with scheduled recurring reports, on the day and time you choose

  • Add notes to your emailed reports for personalized delivery and additional context

  • View reports in interactive mode within PayHelm, or save them as PDFs to share offline with investors, board members or other stakeholders

Schedule and share reports anytime, with anyone.

Scheduled reports make it easier to share data with the people who need it. From daily KPIs to monthly financial reports to marketing channel deep dives, automate reports using any data in PayHelm with our simple report builder.

Send one-time reports or schedule delivery daily, weekly or monthly, to any email address.

Save time with scheduled reports.

Cut out repetitive reporting tasks and get important insights, faster, with scheduled reports. Just select the metrics or visualizations you want, choose your filters and date ranges, and easily send or schedule delivery to anyone, from internal teams to external stakeholders.

Build targeted reports for sales, marketing, merchandising and operations. Show growth with top-line KPIs over time for leadership or investors. Display data year-over-year or period-over-period to identify important trends.

Easily gather data for annual reports, or create interactive presentations for meetings. PayHelm scheduled reports make it easier to find and share the insights you need, for decisions that drive growth.

Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs

Daily performance KPIs

Add metrics or visualizations

Data filtering and grouping

Flexible date ranges

Send now or schedule later

Daily recurring reports

Weekly recurring reports

Monthly recurring reports

Send to any email address

Interactive mode

Document mode
Printable reports
Unlimited report creation
Automatic data refreshes

Easy editing

Reporting for everyone in your organization.

We don’t make you pay extra for reports you create, or limit the number of reports you can send. That means it’s easy to get the right data to everyone who needs it—marketing and ecommerce teams, C-suite, investors and more.

Plus, PayHelm simple report builder and scheduler means anyone can create and automate reports, no matter your analytics experience.

Learn why PayHelm is the best ecommerce analytics tool to get the solutions you need.

From organizing customer data into 30+ pre-built customer segments for informed decision-making, to important data about products, customers, inventory, channels, and campaigns, we have the best ecommerce analytics on the planet.

Our integrations with Google Analytics and 180 other applications enables you to track your customer journeys, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, optimize pricing, and learn what makes your business tick.

Don’t like the way we’ve laid out our reports? PayHelm Pro also allows you to create customized ecommerce dashboards that provide personalized views about how your online store is performing. Need custom reporting? PayHelm Plus extends custom reporting functionality to every integration we support!

Book a demo to learn how our ecommerce analytics can help you gather relevant data, make informed decisions, and increase your profitability.